Last October, Rockstar Games offered the first, brief, glimpse of Red Dead Redemption 2. Nearly a year later, they’ve now yanked the curtain back entirely with an exciting new trailer ripe with juicy information. As expected, many eagle-eyed journalists have already posted scene-for-scene breakdowns of the trailer, analyzing each nanosecond for overlooked details on what Red Dead 2 could entail. Seeing how I’m one of those game writer people, I figured I’d do the same. After thoroughly sifting through the new trailer, I’ve gleaned potential clues you literally won’t find anywhere else.

Rockstar Games Logo Screen(0:00) Rockstar Games Is For Sure On Board

Despite the fact that Rockstar’s logo was plastered on the initial reveal trailer (and that they tweeted both trailers as well as developed the first Red Dead Redemption), it’s good to know beyond a shadow of doubt that the talented studio will be at the helm for the sequel.

Red Dead Redempion 2 Trailer

(0:07) Yep, It’s A Prequel

Some viewers needed to watch nearly a minute of the trailer to catch hints of Red Dead 2’s sequel status. I figured it out immediately; I don’t remember seeing those mountains in the first game. This clearly takes place before the U.S. government drove mountains out of their land during the aggressive American expansion of 1904.

Red Dead Redempion 2 Trailer 2

(0:15) The Main Character Is An Asshole

Our first look at the new, not-John Marston, protagonist sees him violently kicking an unsuspecting sleeping westerner to consciousness. What a jerk. Rude awakenings are no joke.  This is likely the transgression players will need to redeem themselves for.

Red Dead Redempion 2 Trailer 3

(0:33) Foreshadowing The Undead Nightmare

The Undead Nightmare expansion saw Red Dead 1’s world overrun with zombies. Where do zombies come from? Graves, mostly. In a follow-up already teeming with nods to its predecessor, it’s nice to see Rockstar sneak a subtle hint of a horror yet to come.

Red Dead Redempion 2 Trailer 4

(0:41) You May Have To Fight A Train

One intense scene shows our masked “hero” staring steely eyed into the menacing eye of an incoming train. Notice the confrontational stances of both characters–does Rockstar plan to include 1-on-1 battles against locomotives? Were cowboys strong enough to suplex trains ala Sabin in Final Fantasy VI?

Red Dead Redempion 2 Trailer 9

(0:50) The Guy Sitting In The Middle Is Up To Something

You can’t trust anyone in the wild west–especially fancy looking city slickers taking entitled swigs of (probably) brandy. I just don’t like the cut of that guy’s jib. While Arthur Morgan and his vaguely ethnic friend (is he Black or Native American? I can’t tell) have their sights set on…someone else, he’d do well to watch his back around that blue coat wearing shyster.

Red Dead Redempion 2 Trailer 5

(1:05) Is That Bonnie?


Red Dead Redempion 2 Trailer 6

(1:07) Horses Were Creepier Back Then

So that’s what happened to the horse-ghost I released from the tree in The Witcher 3. Seriously, look at that thing’s face!

Red Dead Redempion 2 Trailer 7

(1:16) Am I The Only One Who Sees Sam Neill?

I had my suspicions throughout the trailer, but this shot proved it: Arthur Morgan is a spitting image of Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park. Like the raptor claw-loving paleontologist, Morgan rocks a blue denim shirt, scar, and a cowboy hat. Does this mean that Red Dead 2’s expansion will be the Jurassic Nightmare?

Oh, and Dutch is back.

Red Dead Redempion 2 Trailer 8

(1:19) We Got A Release Date…

…that will probably be delayed.

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