Cuphead Art

Talking is fun, and I often times have a lot of quick, random thoughts that aren’t always conducive to a full written article. Enter The Cliche Audio Log, my new podcast/audio diary where I take a few quick minutes to spew whatever gaming-related topic buzzes around my noggin.

As the name suggests, think of this podcast as the audio diaries you often find in video games: a brief glimpse into the subject’s thoughts and life. But unlike games, you don’t have to turn over every stone to find these. All you have to do is visit the site. Hey-oh! For now, these won’t go up on any kind of set schedule. Rather, when I’ve got a quick thought to spit out, the Cliche Audio Log will arrive.

In this first installment, I express my love affair for Cuphead, Studio MDHR’s vintage cartoon-inspired platformer from hell. I sing too and regret nothing. Feedback is always appreciated, so let me know what you think of this format. Thanks for listening, and I hope you’ll stick around for future episodes.

You can also check out the episode at Podbean.


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