News! It happens a lot during the week, sometimes in overwhelming quantity. After looking back on the last seven days, I cherry picked the stories that made me do the biggest double-takes and give my two-cents on each.

Super Mario Cereal

Mario Turns Breakfast Into An Odyssey

Mario-themed cereal is welcomed (and way overdue) but the most important thing to note here is that THE BOX IS AN AMIIBO. Sure, scanning it into Super Mario Odyssey only grants coins or a heart but who cares? That’s just cool.  You might ask what’s stopping people from merely bringing their Switch to a store aisle and scanning the box without purchasing it. The answer is simple: they’d look really, really silly. Hitting shelves on December 11, the berry flavored cereal also sports collectible Super Mario Odyssey box art. It does not, however, come with the sweet mug in the promotional image. 

Fortnite 1

Epic Invokes Mother’s Wrath By Suing Cheating Son

Epic vowed to shut down Fortnite cheaters and evidently they meant it. After suing  distributors of cheat software used in online shooters (aim bots and the like), the developer did the same to a 14-year old player. The kid utilized such cheats while streaming himself in the act. Epic smacked him with a lawsuit and Mama Cheater wasn’t too happy.

The legal-savvy mother countered with a detailed and, frankly, convincing written argument for why the case should be thrown out. The crutch of her statement is that Fortnite’s EULA agreement did not bind her son since it lacked an option for underage players to provide parental consent, which she claims to have not given him.

Furthermore, Epic claims “profit loss” by the boy’s actions. She argues that’s impossible since the game is free-to-play and no transactions took place on his behalf. She makes other strong cases but I think you get the idea. Cheaters should absolutely be reprimanded but threatening them with litigation may be a tad much. This is especially true when the offenders are minors (which, to be fair, Epic was likely unaware of) whose parents possess the legal acumen of Phoenix Wright.

Demons Souls

Demon’s Souls’ Getting The Axe Next Year

Demon’s Souls acted as the spark for the popular wildfire that became Dark Souls. After 9 years, From Software is finally pulling the plug on Demon’s Souls’s online servers.

If you’re unfamiliar, the online component allowed players to leave messages around areas for others to read. Some were helpful, like revealing a shortcut or treasure location. Others not so much, with instructions such as “jump down for treasure” leading to an unintentional suicide. Thankfully, the game doesn’t depend on the servers to function. Demon’s Souls was an eye-opening and punishing experience when I first played it all those years ago. It definitely won’t be quite the same after this. If you’d like to experience Demon’s Souls in its full glory one more time, February 28 is your deadline.

Life is Strange Before the Storm Chloe

Ashley Burch Steps Back Into Chloe’s Shoes

The SAG voice actor strike prevented Ashley Burch from reprising her role as Chloe in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. With the strike finally over, Burch will once again assume the mantel–or in this case, beanie–of Arcadia Bay’s favorite rebel.

Burch will appear in the bonus episode of Before the Storm. She reunites with Hannah Telle who herself is returning to play Max Caufield. If you’ve read my reviews of Before the Storm (if not then SHAME), you know I’ve been pleased with current Chloe performer Rhianna DeVries. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to hearing Burch say “hella” one more time. That is, at least, if Deck Nine makes the bonus episode available to those who didn’t pick up the Deluxe Edition of Before the Storm.

Jeopardy Pokemon

What Is Splat?

This is less big news and more for my personal amusement. A Jeopardy episode that aired last week ended with a video game themed question: “The desire in his childhood to catch every insect inspired him to create this 1996 game”. Pokemon was the correct answer with one contestant nailing it. Another offered Centipede, which, based on the description, isn’t a terrible guess if you really don’t know the answer.  One lady went with “Splat”, leaving gamers tilting their heads and going “huh?” Perhaps she meant Splatoon? She may even be referencing an obscure 1983 ZX Spectrum computer game which would be one heck of a wild guess. Whatever her reasoning Splat is quite a…unique guess.




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