Howdy! Here’s my latest review for Gaming Historia. As always, I’ve provided a preview of the opening paragraph with a link to the full article at the end. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

“Lara Croft has her work cut out for her. Alone and outnumbered, she stealthily infiltrates enemy territory. Lara scurries to the concealment of a bush, quietly stabbing an oblivious goon as he strolls by. She acquaints the tips of her arrows with the skulls of her next few targets. Along the way, Lara collects pieces of wood, cloth, and other materials to craft additional supplies. She jumps a gap to reach the next area and narrowly survives the leap thanks to a crumbling cliff edge. More foes await but Lara isn’t afraid. At this point, the battle-hardened explorer has engaged in this brutal song and dance countless times. The same holds true for the player who, unlike Croft, may be worn out on the formula by this point.” Click for full review

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