Hey all! Here’s my latest (emphasis on the late) and final feature piece for Gaming Historia. In this feature list I highlight a batch of games that focus squarely on boss encounters and discuss what makes them tick. There aren’t of ton of these games out there, making this a lot of fun to put together. As usual, the first paragraph will be posted below with a link to the full piece at the end. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

“Well-executed boss battles can often be the most exciting and challenging moments in video games. Not only do they present the greatest tests of a player’s skill, but conquering them rewards the biggest bragging rights. After all, you don’t see Destiny players boasting about how many grunts they gunned down; they’re sharing how they narrowly overcame that nigh-impossible raid boss.

A select few games go as far as to feature these epic encounters exclusively. These experiences act as gaming’s equivalent of Captain Crunch’s Oops! All Berries cereal–eliminate the adequate filler and let fans dive straight into the main event. With the boss-focused Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption now out in the wild, let’s spotlight other titles that place these grand encounters front and center. Click for full article.

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