Howdy! So in February I started a new gig writing for Screen Rant. Odds are you’re primarily familiar with the site for its film and television coverage, but they have a substantial video game section as well. I’ve largely contributed gaming news stories, but I published my first game review in March. Unfortunately, the title in question, Eternity: The Last Unicorn, is one of the worst experiences I’ve played in some time. How bad is it? Check out the introductory paragraph of the review for at taste, then follow the link at the end for the full piece. Thanks for reading!

Making a game is hard, and Eternity: The Last Unicorn stands a stark reminder of that fact. Simply put, Void Studios’ Norse-inspired game is a broken mess of an experience. When its bland design and combat isn’t putting players to sleep, a myriad of bugs will have them bouncing off for a more stable experience. (FULL REVIEW)

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