So remember when I posted my new weekly gaming podcast, Marcus Talks About Games? The first three episodes went up and then, if you only follow me on this site, nothing else came after. Except they did. I’m up to 15 episodes total, in fact. I’ve just been terrible about sharing them here on top of posting them on Twitter/Facebook. On one hand, it’s a good argument for you to just subscribe to the show on either YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, or to follow me on Twitter (@MarcusStewart7). On the other…yeah, sorry about not sharing these here.

But fear not! Below are a list of episodes 4-15 with link and a brief synopsis. On average they’re about an hour long, give or take. If you love the sound of my voice and need something to make those chores or RPG grind go faster, I got you. Future episodes will receive their own blog post. You can also find the master list with all of my podcasts here.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Box Woody and Buzz

MTAG Ep. 4 – Kingdom Hearts 3 Thoughts, Memory Archive Exam with Hologram Dream – February 5, 2019 (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes)

The long wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 has come to an end! I give my thoughts on the game’s first few hours. I also test the usefulness of the game’s memory archive by reciting it to Exato Game Studio’s PR wonder, streamer, and Kingdom Hearts newcomer Hologram Dream to see if she’s able to decipher the game’s convoluted lore.

MTAG Ep. 5 – Apex Legends, Sharing A Romantic Gaming Tale
February 11, 2019 (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes)

I gush about how Respawn’s Apex Legends has become my new main squeeze among battle royale shooters. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I share one of my favorite relationship stories centered around gaming.

Link's Awakening Remake Chain Chomp Chases Link

MTAG Ep. 6 – Examining The Link’s Awakening Remake and Nintendo Direct News
February 18, 2019 (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes)

Nintendo’s latest Direct presentation dropped some cool announcements such as the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Super Mario Maker 2, and Astral Chain. I give my thoughts on each news story while paying a small tribute to the Nintendo Directs of old.

MTAG Ep. 7 – The Ballad of Reggie Fils-Aime
February 25, 2019 (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes

Long-time Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring. I send him off the only way I know how: in song! I’m also talking about Crackdown 3, Metro Exodus, and share a story of how the PSP turned me into an insufferable show-off.


MTAG Ep. 8 – Who’s That Pokémon? w/ Full Circle’s O’Dell Harmon
March 4, 2019 (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes)

Pokémon Sword and Shield heads to Switch this year! To mark the occasion, I host an audio version of the classic Who’s That Pokémon? game with Pokémon expert and co-host of the Full Circle podcast, O’Dell Harmon. I’m also gushing over Ape Out and share my updated feelings on Crackdown 3.

MTAG Ep. 9 – The Rambling
March 11, 2019 (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes)

In this rudderless episode I’m just spouting off whatever random thoughts comes to my mind. Topics include Devil May Cry 5, awkward interactions with gaming personalities at conventions, the benefit of playing terrible games, and more. The show also gets hijacked by my snooty alter-ego.


MTAG Ep. 10 – Tales From the Backlog: Steam Edition
March 18, 2019 (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes)

I take a deep dive into my Steam backlog and take you along for the ride! For the first time in ages I examine every game in my Steam library I’ve yet to play and discuss what it is, how I got it, whether or not I plan to play it anytime soon, and any other random tangent that pops to mind. I also share more thoughts on Devil May Cry 5 and give a glimpse into the life of the world’s loneliest GameStop employee.

MTAG Ep. 11 – Google Stadia, Devil May Cry Lore Test w/ Hologram Dream
March 25, 2019 (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes)

Google Stadia is a-coming, and I’m sharing my stream-of-conscious thoughts on the search engine giant’s ambitious streaming service. Streamer Hologram Dream returns to learn all about the Devil May Cry story and determine whether or not she can make sense of it.


MTAG Ep. 12 – PAX East 2019
April 1, 2019 (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes)

I flew to Boston for PAX East purely as a fan, and I’m talking about the cool games I got my hands on! I also touch on Borderlands 3, touring Boston, meeting the folks at Giant Bomb, curmudgeonly locals, and the alternate version of this episode that may never see the light of day.

MTAG Ep. 13 – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
April 9, 2019 (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes)

This punctual episode focuses entirely on FromSoftware’s shinobi-wrapped middle-finger to gamers. What’s my temperature on the challenging ninja epic so far? Do I agree with the argument that Sekiro needs accessibility options? Tune in to find out!

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Cal Sits By Camp Fire

MTAG Ep. 14 – Jedi and Ninjas
April 23, 2019 (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes)

I’m back and chattin’ about Heaven’s Vault, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the PlayStation 5 news, and give an update on my arduous journey through Sekiro.

MTAG Ep. 15 – A New Speed Of Kombat
May 3, 2019 (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes)

It has begun…again! Mortal Kombat 11 is out, and I break down my time breaking down spines. Speaking of horrific CG hedgehogs, how about that Sonic movie trailer? I share my reaction to that weird thing too.

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