I may not follow the monster truck scene but watching giant cars crush not-so-giant cars is inherently awesome. During E3 2019 I visited THQ Nordic to take a look at Monster Jam Steel Titans. The game, developed by Rainbow Studios of MX vs ATV fame, faithfully recreates the Monster Jam experience while adding ideas not possible in real life events. My favorite aspect of the game is that it’s the product of a crunch-less development cycle. Monster Jam Steel Titans launched today so if you need an in-depth preview before buying, follow the link at the end of the excerpt paragraph for the full piece.

Rainbow Studios’ MX vs ATV series let players tear up dirt roads, but its upcoming Monster Jam Steel Titans invites them to destroy just about anything. The developer’s first foray into the wild world of Monster Jam aims to provide an authentic experience to diehard fans that’s also welcoming to curious newcomers. I recently sat in on a gameplay walkthrough and came away impressed with how flat-out fun the game looked despite not being a monster truck aficionado. What impressed me most, though, is that Steet Titans was created in a dev cycle that specifically banned employee crunch. This admirable feat in workplace management and ethics could help ignite the engine of a broader reform in game development(FULL ARTICLE)

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