Metal Wolf Chaos has finally arrived in all its ridiculous glory. It originally launched as a Japanese-exclusive for the OG Xbox back in 2004. Players control the President of the United States who pilots a mech suit to stop his evil Vice President from taking over the country. Cheesy, stupid, hilarious, and, sadly, dated all serve as apt descriptions for this wacky mech title from generations ago. This review was actually published a couple of weeks ago at the game’s launch so apologies for sharing it late here.

In perhaps the greatest opening scene in video games, Metal Wolf Chaos XD begins with the President of the United States, piloting a mech suit, skydiving and blowing an enemy aircraft to fiery shreds–all while gleefully yelling “let’s party!” That alone should get anyone in the door of FromSoftware’s hilariously absurd mech title which had long been a Japanese exclusive for the original Xbox. Thanks to Devolver Digital, western audiences can now experience this campy and bombastic action title. Be warned though: Metal Wolf Chaos’ gameplay hasn’t aged nearly as well as its ridiculous narrative. (FULL REVIEW)

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