Being a game critic affords me the opportunity to play games I otherwise wouldn’t or may not have heard of. Sometimes that leads to discovering hidden gems, as is the case with Headliner: NoviNews. Though it originally released last year for PC, the narrative adventure game hit the Switch recently and quickly grew on me thanks to its intriguing, topical premise. Find out more by reading the excerpt below, then click the link for the full review.

Headliner: NoviNews poses the age old question of whether society would rather hear a reassuring lie or an inconvenient truth. As the curator for a national news outlet, it’s up to you to sway public opinion by deciding what information to share and what’s best swept under the rug. Do you stick to the facts if it means sowing chaos? Is it better to adhere to a consistent angle even when contradicted by opposing evidence? Headliner challenges the player’s ability to remain objective in a thought-provoking commentary on the terrifying power of media. (FULL REVIEW)

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