Some may remember seeing Felix the Reaper during the Sony’s most recent State of Play presentation. The silly puzzler turned some heads with its humorous premise–a grim reaper who loves to dance–and charming presentation. Surprisingly, though, this is a straight up puzzle game as opposed to a rhythm game, and a solid one that doesn’t quite reach the heights it could. Read the full review at the end of the excerpt to learn what Felix brings to the dance floor of video games.

Felix the Reaper just wants to find love, much like you’ll find yourself wanting to love this charming puzzler by Kong Orange and Daedalic Entertainment. From the get-go it seems impossible not to get on board with Felix. He’s a goofy grim reaper who uses his grisly job – staging the bloody deaths of mortals – as an excuse to win the forbidden affection of a life-giving goddess. He also really, really likes to dance. What’s not to love? The answer lies in the solid but ultimately stagnant gameplay that doesn’t consistently command the same level of fondness. (FULL REVIEW)

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