Since launching last Tuesday, WWE 2K20 has been the butt of many a joke thanks to countless memes capturing its severely broken gameplay. We received a our code at Screen Rant a couple of days late (can’t imagine why), so I spent the past weekend in the ring with this flawed contender. You can read the full review at the end of the excerpt.

Being a modern WWE fan often requires putting up with a lot of bad to enjoy the kernels of good buried underneath. Most diehards agree that a great wrestling match, for example, can sometimes supersede the terrible, nonsensical storytelling that predicates it. WWE 2K20 demands the same level of forgiveness from a fanbase conditioned to tolerating a lot of garbage; however, its shortcomings prove too severe to overlook. Whether it’s suffering the flawed gameplay that has plagued entries for years or enduring the myriad of technical bugs, playing WWE 2K20 feels about as satisfying as a Hell in the Cell match concluding in a non-finish. (FULL REVIEW)

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