Here’s my first new project of 2020: Jack Gardner and myself are watching Sailor Moon and talking about its weirdness on a microphone. She’s never seen the show while I watched it as a kid but have forgotten everything about it. Now that I’m an adult with refined taste, it’s time to find out if this crazy anime holds up or not. What the heck is a Sailor Moon? Is Tuxedo Mask actually a cool MF’r? Check out the silly first episode and look for new installments to drop every Wednesday on Spotify and Libsyn!

2 thoughts on “Check Out Our Sailor Moon Review Podcast, A Podcast By Moonlight

  1. Love the podcast so far. ♥ I’m a huge Potterless fan and I wanted to find something similar. This is perfect for me, because I’m not only a fan of the show, but I also just started rewatching it myself (minus all those filler episodes though 😅) I really enjoy listening to you guys. 🙂 Keep up the great work.


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