I’ve done a lot in and around video games. I’ve written about them. I’ve made them. I even appeared as a character in one. Streaming has always been that final frontier I been wanting to to take a stab at but didn’t have much clue on how to start. I don’t watch or follow any streamers, but playing games on camera in front of potential audience always seemed fun. So I decided to finally give it a shot.

So I made a Twitch channel MarcusStreamsGames where I’ll be, well, streaming video games. I recently kicked things off with my first-ever playthrough of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I’ll be streaming that game in its entirety but I’ll of course have some other titles on the docket. I plan to stream again beginning tonight, Monday January 6 around 10:45 pm EST. Going forward I’m looking at streaming every Tuesday and Thursday likely around a similar time. That schedule will kick off this coming Thursday, January 9.

This is all new to me, and I’m very much learning as I go, but I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. Be sure to follow my Twitch page for notifications on when I go live and I’d love it if you hopped in the chat to shoot the breeze with me.  The upper corner of homepage now has a Twitch icon linking to my channel for easy access. I hope to see you guys there. Thanks for watching and for your support!

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