Why does Shovel Knight appear in so many darn video games? What started the phenomenon and what’s the process behind the cameos themselves? I interviewed the founder of Yacht Club Games, Sean Velasco, and ask him these questions and more for my first feature article with Fanbyte.

Funny enough, it was my Hard Drive satire piece making fun of Shovel Knight that inspired this more serious examination. Check out the full feature at the end of the sample excerpt!

Anyone who’s played enough indie games in the last six years has likely encountered Shovel Knight in some form or fashion. Maybe they shot the breeze with him in Yooka-Laylee. Perhaps they purchased his signature helmet in Crypt of the Necrodancer. They may have even thrown down with him in Rivals of Aether. Shortly after his 2014 debut, the practitioner of shovelry became as famous for his myriad of video game cameos as he was for his own beloved adventure. But how and why has the pixel art hero become gaming’s equivalent of a Marvel movie Stan Lee cameo? (FULL ARTICLE)

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