This week I was fortunate enough to be invited to appear on the MinnMax Show, the weekly podcast hosted by, well, MinnMax. It’s a relatively new, video-based gaming outlet formed by ex-Game Informer editors, most of whom I worked alongside during my internship there in 2015.

In this episode we discuss The Last of Us Part II leaks (spoiler free), rank Naughty Dog games, follow the slow reveal of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in real-time, share impressions of Streets of Rage 4 and Gears Tactics, answer fun questions from the community, and more. I also give advice on starting a YouTube channel and break down the recent WWE 2K news (and nerd out about wrestling in general).

As a regular listener of MinnMax, this was a ton of fun. Thanks again to Ben Hanson and Co. for having me. If you enjoy the show, consider supporting MinnMax on Patreon. I rarely endorse stuff like this but trust me when I say their content rocks. Thanks for watching!

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