Check out my review for The Shattering, a surreal psychological thriller by Super Sexy Software. Clink the link at the end of the excerpt for the full review.

The Shattering opens with John Evans, a victim of an unknown trauma, undergoing hypnosis courtesy of his calming therapist. With his mind seemingly at ease, John tries to recall crucial memories that have been twisted beyond recognition. His mental picture of the room loses color, walls fracture violently, and objects push and pull themselves across the space. Despite the pain it causes, John must explore the literal corridors of his mind in search of answers he may not want to find. Healing this troubled psyche by revisiting years of underlying trauma can be both awe-inspiring, terrifying, and, at times, comforting. This journey makes The Shattering an effective and worthwhile self-reflection.  (FULL REVIEW)

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