Infini is a bizarre and challenging puzzle game that I spent nearly a month working through for this review.  A lot of mental stress and sore fingers went into this one. I hope you enjoy reading my full thoughts on it, which you can view by clicking the link at the end of the excerpt. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to sing and click my heels a few times since I’ll never have to play it again.

Infini sees players controlling the winged personification of Hope, exploring near-infinite layers of an abstract universe with their canine pal, Poetry. Along the way they’ll encounter other bizarre characters, including War, who sports an AK-47 for a head. This trippy puzzler boggles the mind, both with its mind-melting labyrinths and an often incomprehensible plot. Unraveling Infini’s mysteries can be fun at times, but uncomfortable controls and laborious gameplay make for a disappointing reality check. (FULL REVIEW)

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