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A Podcast By Moonlight

Episode 1 – The Crybaby

Marcus Talks About Games

Episode 19: 2019 Fall Games Preview w/ Naomi Lugo

Episode 18: Tales from E3 2019

Episode 17: E3 2019 Preview

Episode 16: The Return, Detective Pikachu Review

Episode 15: A New Speed of Kombat

Episode 14: Jedi and Ninjas

Episode 13: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Episode 12: PAX East 2019

Episode 11: Google Stadia, Devil May Cry Lore Test w/ Hologram Dream

Episode 10: Tales From the Backlog: Steam Edition

Episode 9: The Rambling

Episode 8: Who’s That Pokémon? w/ Full Circle’s O’Dell Harmon

Episode 7: The Ballad of Reggie Fils-Aime

Episode 6: Examining The Link’s Awakening Remake and Nintendo Direct News

Episode 5: Apex Legends, Sharing A Romantic Gaming Tale

Episode 4: Kingdom Hearts 3 Thoughts, Memory Archive Exam with Hologram Dream

Episode 3: Surviving My Real-Life Resident Evil 2 Nightmare

Episode 2: Mortal Kombat Reaction, Raiden Interview, 2019 Game Preview Part 2

Episode 1: Who The Heck I Am, 2019 Game Preview Spectacular Part 1

Carving Gaming Rushmores

Episode 12: Most Outstanding Voice Performances

Episode 11: Build-a-Cast: The Uncharted Movie

Episode 10: Ash Ketchum’s 4 Best Pokémon

Episode 9: Best Multiplayer Shooter Campaigns

Episode 8: E3 2018 Predictions Crazy Enough To Come True

Episode 7: Super Smash Bros. Fighter Wishlist 

Episode 6: Silliest Character Hairstyles

Episode 5: The Top Dogs In Video Games

Episode 4: Shadow Of The Colossus’ Top 4 Colossi

Episode 3: Crappiest Platforming Mascots

Episode 2: The Standout Games Of 2017

Episode 1: Best Indie Games

Game Chat

The IGN Plagiarism Controversy 

The Cliche Audio Log

Discussing The Games Of Sony’s 2017 Paris Games Week Briefing

Tomb Raider Movie Trailer Impressions

Gushing Over Cuphead